We face the same question about something we are told daily, and probably many times a day. The question is this, “do I believe that?”

November 2022

This occurred during a recent trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, UK. Walking around the observatory, the most significant learning was not…

September 2022

An Ex-Pat Remembers the QueenWe were lucky enough to be in the UK for the week, seeing a new Prime Minister and a new Monarch in that sequence. The most significant of the t…
A quick guide to the ten most common logical fallaciesA great tweet offered insight into the ten most common logical fallacies we all use and can fall for. It took Ed Latimore, former Heavyweight bo…

August 2022

There are many reasons why lying makes us comfortable, but if that is wrong, what can we do about it?
Why more intelligent people more often fall for fake news.

July 2022

A famous football game proved that two people could watch the same thing and ‘see’ completely different things. Why do they ‘see’ things entirely…
Just asking, "should we keep going with this strategy or stop" is a challenging but vital question.
But how do we come to our beliefs, and can we trust them?

June 2022

Good outcomes and bad outcomes – what is the role of luck and are you at risk of ‘resulting?’

April 2022

The first response to 'the slap' revealed some very interesting information not about race but class in America.

March 2022

Why is it that people think they are smart enough to read between the lines and you are not. There is a cognitive bias at play, but what is it?